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Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is all about affordable brushes. I first want to start off by saying that e.l.f has really stepped up their game as far as their brushes go. All of the brushes I will be talking about today are from the studio line and are anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brushes that are softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products and have a nice sleek handle. And lets be honest, brushes can get very expensive, so if there is a specific brush you need, why not get it affordable. Here are some of my favorite e.l.f brushes in order least to most expensive, with the most expensive being $6.00.

Small Tapered Brush: This brush retails for $3.00. This brush is designed to make application easy for precision and reaching small or hard to get places. This precision brush is perfect for contouring and highlighting, but my favorite use is for setting the under eye area, it is just the perfect size. The bristles are soft, gentle and flexible, which gives it great versatility.

Blending Brush: This brush retails for $3.00. This loose, fluffy dome-shaped brush is perfect for blending eye shadows. It blends color effortlessly on the lid or in the crease. This brush is also great for nose contouring.

Flawless Concealer Brush: This brush retails for $3.00. This flat fluffy brush is great for concealer and really helps build it up, but my favorite way to use this brush os to pack eyeshadow on my lids. It is so soft and really blends whatever product you are applying into your skin.

Angled Blush Brush: This brush retails for $4.00. The slanted shape of the Angled Blush Brush offers precision application for a sculpted look. The soft dense bristles contours facial features easily, but mostly I use this brush for blush, the shape applies color to the cheeks seamlessly.

Powder Brush: This brush retails for $4.00 and has to be one of my favorites for many years. This brush is very dense and had a soft, flat top, which is great to pack on powder for coverage. I love to dip this brush in powder and stipple across my face to give a full coverage look, and when I am just looking for a light coverage I dust the powder across my face with this brush.

Ultimate Blending Brush: This brush retails for $6.00. The Ultimate Blending Brush is has large dome-shaped head and densely packed bristles maneuver in and around the crevices and contours of your face for seamless, even coverage. It picks up the perfect amount of product to build coverage with powder, liquid, or mousse foundation, bronzer, or blush. I personally love this brush for apply bronzer, it apples so perfectly and does not leave any harsh lines.

Contouring Brush: This brush retails for $6.00 The densely packed hair and structured shape achieves flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline for targeted contouring. Perfect for using with pressed or loose bronzer powder, liquids, and creams to create beautiful sculpting all over the face. This brush gives a sharp contour effortlessly.

All in all, these brushes are a great value. The quality is awesome, and since e.l.f have revamped the entire line, I think they last longer and look sleeker. I have never really had a shedding issue with these brushes, although I have seen other reviews saying that is does happen. I would definitely recommend these brushes for anyone looking for quality affordable brushes. For the price you really cant go wrong. The only downside I have had with these brushes, is that if you are not carefully washing them and do not let them dry properly or you wash them too much, I have had the glue on some of them come loose, but for the price, I can’t really complain.

e.l.f brushes: http://www.elfcosmetics.com/makeup/tools-single-brushes

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