blendercleanser solid vs. blendercleanser liquid | beautyblender & makeup brush cleanser

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Today, I am comparing the beautycleanser solid and the beautycleanser liquid cleanser. So for those who do not know what a beautyblender is, it is a makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating absolute complexion perfection, and is the first high definition, neon pink sponge application tool that gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage. I love my beautyblender, I use it almost every day, and it is my favorite way to apply foundation and concealers. The only downside to the beautyblender, is cleaning it.

For the longest time I refused to buy any beauty blender cleaner products. I always used soap or baby shampoo to clean my beauty blender, but I finally caved and bought the beauty blender liquid cleanser. I was so surprised with this product. When I was just using soap/shampoo to clean my beauty blender, I felt like after awhile I could never get it to look perfectly clean and brand new again, and after I while I would just retire it and purchase a new one.

So there are two options for the beautycleansers. Both are great for any damp sponge, and even makeup brushes too!

The first option is the beautycleanser solid, which retails for $16.00. This is a great way to clean your beautyblender. It is small and compact, which makes it great for on the go or travel. It is super easy to use: wet beautyblender, rub over the soap, creating a lather, rinse, gently squeeze beautyblender to remove any excess cleanser and water and repeat again if necessary.

I love how quick and easy this is to use! You can use this for any sponge and even your brushes. It removes excess residue and germs, leaving your makeup application tool like new. This 1 oz. solid cleanser comes in a plastic container, with a rubber mat that you can use to dry your beautyblender, hold the beautycleanser solid, or use to scrub your makeup brushes on.

The second option is the beautycleanser liquid, which retails for $18.00. This 5 oz. bottle is basically equivalent to the beautycleanser solid, except in liquid form. Again, this is super easy to use: wet beautyblender, apply a dime-sized amount of liquid blendercleanser to beautyblender. work into lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary and squeeze to remove excess water. This is also great to let soak on your beautyblender for stubborn stains.

Again, this is a super simple product to use that really cleans the beautyblender. This comes 5 oz. bottle, that has a dispensing lid, so it is super easy to just dap your beautyblender in or press down and dip your brushes in. The beautycleanser liquid is also available in a large 10 oz. size as well. I just love how versatile and easy this product is to use.

All in all, I love both products, I think as far as cleansing goes, they both do an equally well job and getting out stubborn stains and keeping everything clean and looking new. That being said, I probably prefer the liquid, you get a little more product and I think it last a little longer, and for early morning when I am looking to clean my beautyblender super quick, I think this is slightly easier and less messy. However, I do really enjoy the solid, I like being able to swirl my beautyblender or makeup brushes in the product, that way there is no waste, and this is great for travel, because as soon as it dries, it is solid again. So really, depending on what you are in the market for and how you plan to use it, weather product is great, and I will probably always have both, but the liquid is my first choice for every day use.

Which product is your favorite? Or what is your favorite way to clean your beauty blender/makeup sponge?

I hope you enjoyed! And thank you so much for reading!

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